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A Stress-Free Methodology To Prioritizing Duties And Ending Busyness

by PublicFamous


Profitable the game of life should not be always simple.

For many who’re just like the overwhelming majority of people, you’re possibly used to combating learning new points and getting on prime of your frequently duties and requires.

As an illustration, do you repeatedly uncover it onerous to keep up on monitor collectively along with your work duties and initiatives?

And the best way about in your personal life? Are you managing to keep up up-to-date collectively along with your funds resembling your tax returns?

Fortunately, must you at current actually really feel busy frequently and wrestle to go looking out ample time to do the belongings you need and must do — I’ve a solution for you.

It’s all to do with the best way you prioritize your duties.

Get this improper, and in addition you’ll always be a sufferer of busyness; get this correct, and in addition you’ll transform a grasp of productiveness and acquire your aims and wishes.

So are you ready to go looking out your method out of busyness?

If positive, then study on…

Prioritizing Duties With the Superstructure Approach

Let me guess, you’re possibly questioning what exactly is the Superstructure Approach?

Correctly, it’s an excellent question, as this system should not be one factor that is generally taught at college or college. (Although, I consider it positively must be.)

Put merely, the Superstructure Approach is a way of quantifying the value of each of your duties — enabling you to shortly and easily put them into an order of significance.

I’ve been using the Superstructure Approach for a couple of years, and it’s confirmed to be extraordinarily environment friendly and helpful in every my work and personal life. For example, as an entrepreneur with a partner and two youngsters, it’s essential that I deal with my time to ensure that all of the issues work related will get carried out, so that I’ve ample free time to have the benefit of with my family.

I keep in mind as soon as I launched Lifehack once more in 2005. I created the web page to share productiveness hacks to make life easier. To be reliable, at first, I was a little bit of vastly shocked by the unbelievable success of the situation. In just a few years from its inception, it grew into a number of the study productiveness, properly being and lifestyle websites on this planet — with over 12 million month-to-month readers. I am sure you probably can take into consideration the amount of challenges I personally expert as a result of the Founder and CEO of such a fast-growing agency.

However, the place there’s an issue, there’s a solution!

On this particular case, to help me deal with my overflowing workload, I created the Superstructure Approach. Not solely did this help me get on prime of my duties, nevertheless it moreover helped me to cut back my stress and put my work-life steadiness once more in order. And as you’ll see, it might properly do the an identical for you.

Nonetheless sooner than we dive into that, I would like you to first seize the free info 4-Step Info To Create Further Time Out of a Busy Schedule so I can stroll you via the Superstructure Approach in particulars.

Downloaded the free info and ready?

Proper right here’s learn the way to know your time and obtain what you want…

The very very first thing to know is that every job includes three components:

  • Intention: Why you are doing it
  • Value: What benefits this job brings you
  • Worth: What it is essential to give up or make investments to realize the value (in sources, time spent, and so forth.)

To have the power to find out the correct duties to focus on — and to spend the correct quantity of time doing them — you’ll should know learn the way to think about them.

That’s the place the Superstructure Approach is offered in.

This holistic approach helps you place your duties and actions in perspective. As an illustration, must you had been writing a information, you may use the technique to plan, write, edit, publish and promote your information. To do this effectively, you’ll wish to know which actions to take at each step of the best way wherein — starting out of your preliminary idea and ending collectively along with your information reaching #1 on the Amazon charts!

I’m utterly happy to say that the Superstructure Approach is easy to know and implement. You merely have to watch 4 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Start with a Clear Intention

Ponder the entire duties you’ll have available and suppose for a second about why you wish to do these.

For each job ask your self:

  • What revenue am I getting out of this job?
  • Will this movement help me make progress within the route of my goal or my agency’s goal this week?

To offer you an occasion of how to do this, take into consideration a job resembling checking your work emails.

It’s a job that may allow you to carry up-to-date with what is going on on at your group, along with allowing you to see and movement requests and duties allotted to you. It’s a job that when managed precisely will revenue every you and your group.

Step 2: Resolve the Job’s Value

The next step is to form your guidelines of duties into thought of certainly one of three lessons. The place you choose to position them will in all probability be based mostly totally on what your goal is.

  • Requirements: Utterly important to realize the goal. With out it, the tip result’s meaningless.
  • Should haves: Very important nevertheless not important. However, leaving it out may cut back the affect of the final word finish end result.
  • Good to haves: Having it is good, nevertheless not along with it acquired’t have any unfavorable affect in your objective.

Let me convey this to life with an occasion that you’d have the ability to relate to.

You need to present to your group’s directors on the work your workers has carried out throughout the closing quarter.

  • Requirements: Create a PowerPoint presentation detailing the essential factor duties and initiatives that your workers has achieved over the past quarter. Plus uncover time to use speaking by way of your presentation collectively along with your slides.
  • Should have: Strategies out of your workers highlighting important milestones and accomplishments from the ultimate quarter. You may solicit this solutions with an e mail, nevertheless ask for further detailed enter by one-to-one conferences.
  • Good to have: Time to think about the best way you have to present to your directors and the emphasis you have to convey. You may also must spend some time chatting to colleagues to get their enter into your presentation.

The next step is to quantify each of these duties into one factor you rank using numbers.

You’ll be able to do that by assigning a amount value to each of your duties. The higher the amount, the additional important/urgent/treasured it is.

To make this easier to visualise, we don’t use a linear scale like 1 to 10, instead, we use a set of Fibonacci Numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so forth,) that naturally create an even bigger interval between numbers.

So, using the occasion from above, you may choose to order the duties as follows:


  • Create a presentation using PowerPoint (Value 13).
  • Spend time practising your presentation (Value 8).

Should have

  • Ship an e mail to your workers asking for solutions on important duties, initiatives and accomplishments over the past quarter (Value 5).
  • Meet one-to-one with workers members must you need further aspect on any of their solutions (Value 3).

Good to have

  • Time to think about the best way you have to present your workers’s work to your directors (Value 2).
  • Time to fulfill with colleagues to get their enter into the best way you presentation will look and sound (Value 1).

Step 3: Think about the Job’s Worth and Prioritize

Having checked out each job’s priority, the next step is to guage each job’s value — significantly their Time Worth.

As I’m sure you probably can take into consideration, some duties are robust and require extreme focus and even maybe exterior help. The complexity or downside of a job is mirrored throughout the time required to complete it.

To calculate Time Costs, I counsel you make a troublesome estimate of how prolonged each job will take. This works best must you reduce up the time into half-hour intervals.

0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3

I don’t counsel you’ll have a job longer than 3 hours. That’s on account of any time longer than that’s indicative that your job is perhaps too giant and would revenue by being broken down into smaller, further manageable chunks.

Now proper right here’s the place it should get fascinating…

As quickly as you acknowledge the Value and Time Costs of your duties you probably can calculate a final ranking for each job — which may then permit you to prioritize your duties from highest to lowest.

How do you calculate the final word ranking?

Merely divide the responsibility’s Value by its Time Worth.

You might even see this in movement throughout the spreadsheet underneath:

Step 4: Schedule the Duties

By determining the priority of your duties and the approximate time each of them will take to complete, you now have the keys to take constructive, productive movement.

And the good news is that it’s really fairly easy.

You merely should schedule your duties on a weekly planner — deciding on on which day and at what time do it’s a must to type out each job.

As quickly as you begin following this Superstructure Approach, you’ll shortly overcome any feelings of being overwhelmed. That’s because you’ll always have an organized weekly plan which means that you may grasp your time and acquire your aims.

And there’s further good news…

After a while of following the Superstructure Approach, you’ll uncover that you just start to create a powerful routine for some recurring job resembling having frequent conferences and replying to emails. And routines are a implausible method of saving you time and vitality, as they allow you to automate your duties and maintain you away from distractions.

For further on the power of routines, attempt our article: Your Routine is the Key to Reaching Your Targets

A New You

Once you undertake the Superstructure Approach and begin prioritizing duties in your on daily basis life you’ll see BIG rewards.

These will embrace an infinite leap in your productiveness and work output. You’ll moreover actually really feel a lot much less harassed and overwhelmed, which provides you time and vitality to be further expressive and creative.

Merely take into consideration…

The model new you is perhaps getting further carried out whereas moreover having larger psychological and bodily properly being, and additional spare time to do the belongings you’re keen on.

This is not some fantasy. That’s the life I lead correct now. And it’s the life you probably can lead too must you put the Superstructure Approach into movement.

For many who nonetheless haven’t obtained the free info regarding the Superstructure Approach, I urge you to acquire and full our free info: 4-Step Info To Create Further Time Out of a Busy Schedule

The one issue you’ll lose by making use of the strategies is your busyness!

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