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You are Public Famous

We are so busy in our life that we have lost ourselves. Office work, Social Life has put us in depression.

 Public fame is a sport program that you succeed in life. And you look as a public fame.

Public fame is like a light for those who want to change their lives. Those who want them to take time for themselves and family, they can manage them.


Public Famous Path

Public Famous works in different parts on which work can reduce difficulties in your life.

Public Famous Path – The Public Famous has 3 paths that you can make your own human beings.


1. Basic

Focus, and memory is accelerated. Self Esteem,

Stop procrastinating



 2. Life indoor

In this section we cover your Office and Home life how to better in this part.


Self Confidence.

To deal with people.


Be Kind is the greatest qualifications that to be earned.



3. Master indoor

When you get this door. This door has to fix your own with different zones. Because no one is perfect in life. We don’t want to become machine. We are human being a perfect creature. You can find your inner peace if only you are good hearted because we have a heart that should be good, whether to be free from race and prejudice. After getting this indoor, you can feel a good change inside. That’s what you have to do.


My story

I own an IT company. work only work that affect my health and family.

I thought why there is a service that can solve problems of people. So that they should not make your life machine.

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