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Are You a Victor or a Victim?

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Stop being a victim and become a victor. Do you play victim to your circumstances or do you uncover strategies over come and be victorious to life’s curveballs and setbacks? Lately I’ve been collaborating within the victim card to how my life has been collaborating in out, and that has left me craving pity and a highlight, stop being a victim and become victor is our motive.

Today you are no longer a victor nor victim of the past and future, today is completely independent, there are no restrictions; except for the ones you place upon yourself.

Author: Noel DeJesus

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And I’m sure many people moreover search the comforts of being the victims of life’s little video video games.

After we choose to play the victim card we instantly rid ourselves of any faults and push blame once more on others or society. Having fun with victim is reassuring because of we get to guard our picture wonderful image. We let the setbacks flood us as a substitute of pushing in opposition to the current to beat and conquer life’s setbacks.

We’d moderately say “oh successfully I assume that’s merely the way in which it goes” then standing up and saying “no I don’t ought to take this.”

Being a victor is hard. It takes plenty of personal energy and willpower to face up and say “hey I’ve made a mistake” or “life has truly hit me laborious nonetheless I’m refusing to let it ship me down anymore.” By deciding on to be or develop right into a victor we’re taking full possession of our lives and we aren’t letting anyone inform us how we will dwell Stop being a victim and become a victor.  .  

Turning into a victor means turning into uncomfortable because of as a victor you are always pushed exterior of your comfort zone. Nevertheless the liberty and administration we pay money for is successfully properly definitely worth the wrestle.

What Exactly Is A Victim Mentality?

Every time you dwell with a victim mindset you embody 5 distinctive qualities that make up your core They embody…

  1. Pushing Blame On Others
  2. Persistently Complaining
  3. However You Always Make Excuses
  4. Settling
  5. Trying to find Pity

How sometimes do you blame others? I struggled with this for a really very long time. Rising up I was regularly blaming my dad and mother for points. I blamed them for not saving any money for me for school. I blamed them for not making enough money which hindered my means to succeed. I blamed them for over feeding me and making me fat. It was an limitless itemizing of blames.

On account of blaming others is masses easier to digest than looking at your self throughout the mirror and admitting that your lack of success is solely based totally off your actions and pursuits and by no means because of society is out to get you.

One different primary symptom of being a victim is regularly complaining. You spend your life complaining about how unhealthy your life is. Or how you prefer to you would possibly do XYZ as a substitute of what you’re in the intervening time doing. Similar to pushing blame onto others our means to complain permits us the comforts of neglecting any accountability on how our life is coming out.

You are the head and not the tail. You will lend and not borrow. You are a victor and not a victim.

Joel Osteen

As soon as extra it’s masses easier to complain about how loads you hate your job then actually going out and searching for new employment.

Victim Mentality

When a victim will get pushed into answering why they’re struggling they always offer you some clever excuse. Victims are skilled excuse makers, who can always uncover a motive why they’re struggling or having a tricky time with one factor. And the #1 go to excuse is “Oh it’s not the correct time…”

Which leads me to top quality amount 4. Victims settle. Every time you endure life with a victim mentality you’re always settling. And then you definitely positively make an excuse as to why you settled. You agree because you’re too stubborn to private your shortcomings which is the place true improvement and progress comes from.

A victim can solely improve their life within the occasion that they choose to look inwards as a substitute of discovering the problems inside others or society.

Be a victor, not a victim.

Author: Joel Osteen

Lastly people who choose to dwell with a victim mentality search and crave pity. You want people to essentially really feel unhealthy for you because of that makes you’re feeling greater about your self. You crave that exterior stimuli of someone saying “oh you poor issue.” As quickly as as soon as extra neglecting any faults or personal duties.

The victim mentality is all about residing your life externally. Whether or not or not you’re pushing the blame on someone or one factor, in any other case you’re searching for pity from someone to make you’re feeling greater about your self. Victims feed off the outside energies. A victim fails at ever holding a mirror as a lot as themselves and looking inwards for options to develop and become stronger.

How to stop being a victim and become a victor?

Principally with the intention to start being a victor you must merely do the choice of what a victim does. Victims look outwards victors look inward. A victor is always attempting inward and asking the strong questions on themselves.

They dwell exterior their comfort zones and stop at nothing to become the very best variations of themselves they’re typically. By adapting these 5 qualities you can too develop right into a victor and start taking administration of your life!

1: Victors Private Their Shortcomings

When one factor isn’t going as deliberate a victor will stop and ask “what can I do to boost my life?” Not too way back I requested myself this an identical question and immediately I was launched with quite a few options of self improvement.

Now a victor doesn’t merely ask the question as well as they act upon the options and findings. Victors are always looking out for strategies to boost their life and this always begins by attempting inwards.

After I requested myself this question I was meet with tons of options ranging from getting once more to a typical morning routine to getting a makeover. Uncover the movement steps that resonate with you the strongest and may push you the hardest. Keep in mind a victor doesn’t settle. So truly go for it.

2: Victors Conquer

A victor assaults life head first. They’re determined, decisive and pushed for achievement. I endure from Energy Starter Syndrome. It’s a made up diagnoses that I gave myself because of I’m regularly starting duties nonetheless infrequently ending them.

As I search to dwell my life further victoriously I’m determined to become a seamless finisher, because of a victor always finishes. They stand up and ask themselves “how can I conquer my day in the intervening time?”

3: Victors Reside Exterior Their Comfort Zones

Every time you adapt the victor mentality you want to have the ability to embrace being uncomfortable. Victors dwell their lives exterior their comfort zones, because of they’re regularly pushing themselves to become greater, stronger, and additional worthwhile. And that each one comes with hazard.

The comfort zone is our kryptonite to success and victors search strategies to leap out of their comfort zones. So ask your self “what can I do that scares me?” after which leap!

4: Victors Have Sturdy Personal Foundations

A victor is conscious of who they’re and what points to them. Adapting a victor mentality means getting crystal clear on who you are. It’s asking strong questions like “what do I price?” and “what do I contemplate in?” Victors take time to place a strong personally foundation because of they know this foundation will set them up for achievement.

And as quickly as that foundation is laid they proceed to be grounded to that foundation. Victors dwell authentically and lead from the middle.

5: Victors Know How To Accept Reward

A victor hates pity, nonetheless they love reward. Victors know how one can receive reward and compliments because of they know they’ve earned it. I personally battle with receiving compliments, nonetheless as I attempt to dwell further victoriously I am going to work on accepting compliments. A victor isn’t prideful. They don’t gloat or seek out the reward, nonetheless they understand why someone is praising them and they also accept it gratefully.


We endure life each collaborating in victim or being the victor of our life. Each time you choose to dwell your life with the victim mentality you relinquish your total administration and transfer that onto someone or one factor else. Victims endure life feasting off of exterior energies. They fail to hunt out faults in themselves and they also stop themselves from every actually experiencing success.

Nonetheless every time you adapt a victor mentality you choose to control and private your life. Victors look inward and ask the laborious questions on themselves first. They lay a strong personal foundation rooted in strong values and beliefs. They embrace being uncomfortable because of they know that’s the place true progress and success comes from. Victors rule their lives whereas victims let others rule their life.

So do you want to be a victim or a victor? The choice is yours.

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