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Success Action Plan

by PublicFamous

Where are you going in your life?

What do you want your life to look like?

Why are you still thinking and not doing?

It seems that many people struggle to answer the basic question of “what do you want in life?” or “where are you going with your Life?”

Ask 100 people these questions and you will get answers that declare what they don’t want.

Answers like these:

  • I don’t want to keep the same income and job I have now.
  • I don’t want my spouse to nag me about money and time spent at home.
  • I don’t want to keep driving this same crappy car for another year.

That’s a lot of don’ts! It’s so much easier to know what we don’t want than to clarify what we do want. That’s because we innately seem to know that when we declare what we do want – we are committed to it and we will get it. Are you familiar with the saying “watch what you pray for, you just might get it!”?

Think about what you’ve been saying you don’t want – isn’t that what you have in your life now? Or, are close to experiencing? If so, now is the best time to stop and review how your thinking got you where you are now. And, now is the best time to change your answers to something that reflects what you do want.