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Self-Help books Can Do More Harm Than Good

by PublicFamous

A self-help books  can do more harm than good, what you think self help is harmful read article to know more.

Many people have improved their lives through learning to conquer social anxiety or shyness. They also overcome anxiety.

Many people have discovered how to shift their thought patterns and behavior and can live better lives.

It is possible that the rules may have been taken too far?

There’s a lot of self-help books available and plenty of information on how to be more like ourselves, that it prompts questions : is it constructive?


Self-help isn’t really self-help unless someone else is also helping you. We’d like to be that someone.

Kenneth Schwarz


Why Too Much Self-Help Can Be Harmful

One common sign of self-help becoming detrimental is when it is used as a delay tactic.

Learning about and reading about the solution, and then reading about it in numerous books or in courses, may seem like the progress is happening. It can cause a person to believe that, because they feel confident about the books they’ve read, they’re becoming a better persona they’re not.

They then purchase their next novel. Then the next. and the next class. Also, join the next group online. They feel good about their lives, but they haven’t made any changes to anything.

Self-help can be harmful if one continues to face difficulties in their relationships and career because they haven’t used what they’ve learned.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Who wrote the book you’re currently reading? Does the information and suggestions basing on real experiences? Does the advice seem to be solid and has it been tested and proven to work for the people who utilize it?

One issue that is becoming more frequent is the use of the internet. It’s a platform that anyone can post their opinions and offer suggestions. It’s also easy to find quick answers and believe that the information is good enough to solve the problem that you’re facing.

What is the reason this is detrimental?

Every person who has opinions and suggestions to offer, there’s somebody who requires more than simple advice or suggestions.

For instance, it’s widely known that visualization can be an effective strategy to accomplish your goals. However, what isn’t widely known is that it only works only if you utilize visualization properly.

Another instance is that research conducted by experts suggest that it is much better to establish plans rather than an objective. However, lookup on the internet for goal setting, and you’ll discover a variety of tools to help you define a goal and some tools to help you reach your objective.

Is Self-Help The Wrong Thing To Do?

No. The better question to consider is whether the self-help guide that you’re reading is the right thing for you at this moment or if you’ll be better off taking action on what you’ve learned thus far?


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