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About Dynamics Con

Wow, it’s very good to contemplate how prolonged it’s been since I attended an specifically individual conference. It hasn’t ACTUALLY been that prolonged nonetheless for any person who’s used to attending 6 a yr, it seems like perpetually… and I miss it, tons!

Like many points, conferences are transferring more and more digital. It’s not the an identical, however it’s larger than nothing, and I happen to considerably like this mannequin new format and digital conference, Dynamics Con. It’s a Dynamics 365 digital conference we 3 cool components:

  1. It’s 100% Free
  2. Lessons are voted on by attendees, excessive lessons make the decrease
  3. Proceeds revenue #COVID19 Discount

It’s the inaugural yr for the event and I really feel it is off to an essential start and I am fully happy to participate… nonetheless I need your help!!

PLEASE REGISTER AND VOTE!! 🙂 It’s free, 100%!!!

About my session: The POWER of Vitality BI

That’s THE session to get you started with Vitality BI. We’re going to cowl Vitality Query and the Vitality BI Desktop. It’s an intro, nonetheless on the right tempo, and preparing you for the next step in your journey.

Session Description:

So you’ve got info… and a imaginative and prescient for the best way you need to put it to use to make quick, impactful decisions… nonetheless DRAT… you don’t know the place to start out your PBI journey… look no further! All through this POWERFUL intro to primarily essentially the most impactful part of Vitality BI, we’ll perform a walk-through of Vitality Query and the Vitality BI desktop utility. How do I hook up with info? How do I clear my info? How do I combine my info? And OH, learn to take that info, and swap it proper right into a bat signal… I indicate, Enterprise Intelligence! This session will get you started in your superpower journey… come be a part of us!! New LifeHacks channel… new LifeHacks time… comparable good content material materials!

Please Register and Vote

As I mentioned, this event is 100% Digital and 100% Free… nonetheless that you should register and vote! Check it out proper right here and I am going to see you there!

Thanks for learning!

Shawn Dorward

Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Features | LinkedIn | Twitter

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